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The Search feature of eMuseum allows you to look in detail at objects and records held on the Southwark Collections database. A complete catalogue of the collections is not yet available but the website is being updated regularly as we put more of the Southwark collections online.

  • From any point in eMuseum, you can initiate a simple search by entering a word or phrase in the box at the top of the left menu navigation bar, and then by clicking on the "go" button. For example, you can enter a person's name, a title of a work of art, a date, or any other search term, and eMuseum will find all instances of it and return the results to you.

  • You may also use the Simple Search found on this page.

  • For further search options, click on the "Advanced Search for Objects" and the "Advanced Search for People" buttons below.
  • Simple Search

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    If your search returns too many items, you might try using the "Advanced Search" options below:
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    Advanced Search

    The advanced search for objects allows you to search the Cuming collection, the Southwark Art collection and the Local History Library collection using fields selected from the database as a guide.

    The advanced search for people will give you biographies and other information about famous Southwark residents, artists who have contributed to the Southwark Art collection and people connected with objects in the Cuming collection.