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Contact Southwark Collections

Southwark Collections are managed by the Libaries, Arts and Heritage unit of the borough of Southwark.

For queries regarding the Cuming Museum and Southwark Art Collections collections contact:

The Cuming Museum

C/o Southwark Library Services
Wilson Road
Tel 020 7252 2332/2016
Email The Cuming Museum

  • To find out more about the Cuming museum including contact details, the current events and activities visit the Cuming Museum pages on the Southwark Council website.

  • For queries regarding the Southwark Local History Library and Archive collection contact:

    The Southwark Local History Library and Archive

    Address: John Harvard Library
    211 Borough High Street
    SE1 1JA
    Tel: 020 7525 0232
    Email The Southwark Local History Library and Archive

  • To find out more about the Southwark Local History Library and Archive including contact details, opening times, resources available, and how to find the library, visit the Southwark Local History Library pages on the Southwark Council website.

  • Seeing more of the Cuming Museum Collection

    We try to make the collection available to researchers, students, interested persons and groups as far as is practical. Unfortunately there is limited access to the reserve collection in store at present due to the fire of 2013. While we cannot accomodate all requests, please contact the museum on 020 7525 2016/2332 and we will discuss your requirements. Visits need to be arranged at least three weeks in advance to give time for us to prepare objects and book space for your visit.

    If you're researching local or family history you might also like to contact the Southwark Local History Library and Archive.

    Adding to the Cuming collection today

    Our remit today is to collect material that relates to Southwark and represents all of Southwark's communities. Our collecting procedures follow national standards and we are a registered museum under the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) Museum registration scheme.

    We are happy to accept donations, but are unable to accept long term loans. Loans are only accepted for the purposes of temporary exhibitions or very occasionally for other reasons. Bequests can be accepted, but must fit within our collecting policy.

    Currently, we are very interested in adding to our Southwark history collection and are especially short of material relating to Southwark's industries in the 20th century. However, it is important to note that we can't always accept everything we are offered. Please contact the museum if you are interested in donating objects to the collection.

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